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Business Directory Listing

The Athlone Website is currently building a database of local businesses operating in or near to the Athlone CBD. The contents of the database is available to everyone who has internet access, via this website. If you own, operate or work in a business thats located in any of the areas mentioned below, fill out and return an application to get your business listed.

There are currently three types of listings available in the Athlone Business Directory. They are: Premium Listings, Standard Listings and Minimal Listings.
Minimal Listings are done by the Athlone Website Staff and require no intervention from the general business community. Each listing will contain only the name of the business, a contact telephone number and optionally the area in which the business is located. It will not include an entry into the database or any of the keywords associated with the Standard Listing. There is no charge for a Minimal Listing and additions to this category are done at the discretion of the owners of the Athlone Website. These listings will appear with lowest priority when browsing through the Business Directory.
Standard Listings are initiated by submitting the application form as mentioned above. It includes submission into our internal database as well as a website listing (which attaches searchable keywords to the listing). Standard listings are free for local businesses. Businesses from outside the Athlone area who can provide services and products to the Athlone communities will also be included for a fee. These listings are searchable through our Business Search webpage.
Premium Listings contain a set of keywords and a description for each entry. This is a "paid-for" listing and will be open to all businesses located within Athlone or businesses that can provide products and services to the Athlone areas. Discounts will be given to businesses located within the Athlone areas. This listing will have High Priority in the Business Directory and will appear above the Standard and Minimal Listings when browsing the directory. These listings are searchable through our Business Search webpage.

Businesses are welcome to send in their application to be listed in the Athlone Website Business Directory.

NOTE: All businesses can apply for a listing in the directory, but in order to maintain the quality of the directory, not every application is successful. Local businesses, that are located in Athlone or its surrounds (as defined by the list of areas considered to comprise "Athlone and its surrounds"), are normally accepted due to their physical location. The list is given below. Additional discounts are given to local businesses.
Businesses located outside these areas will only be considered if there is sufficient motivation for them to be included to the Business Directory (eg: Athlone residents currently forms part of its client-base).

The prices for directory listings are given below:

Listing Type Cost per Annum
Locally Based Outside Athlone
Minimal Listing No Charge N/A
Standard Listing No Charge R300
Premium Listing R600 R960
NOTE: These prices are subject to change without any notice.

The Application form for Premium Listings can be downloaded here.
The Application form for Standard Listings can be downloaded here.

Athlone and surrounds:
Alicedale, Athlone, Athlone Industria, Belgravia Estate, Belthorn, Bokmakierrie, Bonteheuwel, Bridgetown, Crawford, Doornhoogte, Elwyn Park, Garlandale, Gatesville, Gleemoor, Greenhaven, Hanover Park, Hatton Estate, Hazendal, Heideveld, Kenwyn, Kewtown, Langa, Lansdowne, Lincoln Estate, Manenberg, Mountview, Netreg, Newfields, Parktown, Penlyn, Pinati, Primrose Park, Rondebosch, Rondebosch East, Rylands, Silvertown, Surrey Estate, Sybrand Park, Turfhall, Vanguard Estate and Welcome Estate.


You are considered to be a locally based Athlone Business if:
the postal code of your physical address is '7764';
or you're located on the section of Kromboom Road between the M5 freeway and Belvedere Road;
or you're situated on the section of Klipfontein Road that lies between Golfcourse Road and the Rondebosch Common.

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