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Website Traffic Statistics

The information provided on this page is for the use of people and organisations who are interested in advertising on the Athlone Website. All data is automatically collected by the server. The detailed traffic reports are still available on request.

Hits per month Visits per month

Web Traffic Summary

PeriodHitsVisits% Growth
Oct 2008643376377-1.8%
Sep 2008667706494-3.4%
Aug 2008792366721-3.3%
Jul 2008683416947-1.8%
June 2008715247077-6.0%
May 200887255752933.8%
Apr 20086236256272.1%
Mar 20084717655130.4%
Feb 2008510455490-2.8%
Jan 20085272156496.7%
Dec 2007425735295-5.4%
Nov 2007464845599-11.9%
Oct 20076044663548.7%
Twelve Month Average 61559 6205


You are considered to be a locally based Athlone Business if:
the postal code of your physical address is '7764';
or you're located on the section of Kromboom Road between the M5 freeway and Belvedere Road;
or you're situated on the section of Klipfontein Road that lies between Golfcourse Road and the Rondebosch Common.

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