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Tips for Tendering

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Tips for Tendering

by Cape Gateway
13 Mar 2007
Cape Gateway
Cape Gateway

This document contains tips from procurement officers in the Provincial Government on how to improve your chances of successfully bidding for government tenders.

The following are common mistakes made when tendering:
  1. Always provide all of the information requested by in the tender application. Do not forget things like your tax clearance certificate and shareholding certificates. Note: out-dated tax clearance certificates are also not allowed.
  2. It is important that the calculations of tender prices is correct. Check and DOUBLE-CHECK this!
  3. Often, tenderers misinterpret the scope of the work. If you are unsure of anything in the tender ASK!
  4. Always SIGN your bid document. Unsigned documents are unresponsive and will therefore be disqualified.
  5. If you are an HDI, remember to claim your points. Points unclaimed are points lost!
  6. Make sure that you drop the tender into the right box, before the closing time. By law, no late bids will be accepted, not even 1 second past the closing time.
  7. If samples are requested, sufficient amounts must be supplied to enable the item to be evaluated under the appropriate technical or clinical conditions. Ensure that any requirements related to compliance with SABS specifications are met.
Tips from the procurement officials:
  1. Always read through the bid documents carefully.
  2. Complete the document in full.
  3. Do a proper cost analysis when calculating your bid prices. Bids calculated too high or too low are considered unresponsive.
  4. Enquire about the bid and obtain all the relevant information before completing the tender document.
  5. Feel free to ask why you were unsuccessful so that you may learn from mistakes made.
  6. Make sure that you are able to meet all the requirements within the specified time and are able to honour your offer in the event that your bid is successful.
  7. Do not make any misrepresentations or false statements in your bid documentation. It is a legal document and therefore enforceable by law.
  8. Quality services and products will improve your track record and good standing with the department. Poor delivery creates a negative impression not only for your business but for all small businesses in general.

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