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Company Registrations

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Company Registrations

by Cape Gateway
16 Mar 2007
Cape Gateway
Cape Gateway

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) offers the formalisation of business through registrations in terms of the Companies Act. The offering incorporates the registration or incorporation of public and private companies, updating and amending information relating to registered companies, and protecting investors by ensuring that prospect uses are in order.

The offering is targeted at prospering businessmen and the public at large, who, once registered, are able to participate in the economic sphere. They also have access to finance, i.e. loans for their business, access to tenders for contracts, and are able to create employment. Companies who are not registered are unable to open a bank account to process business money transaction, and might lose tender opportunities and accessibility of financial assistance, if not registered.

Any natural person who is not disqualified by the companies act provisions qualifies for company registration. Minors, however, do not qualify. Applicants have to meet the requirements of the act and regulations as well as policy requirements.

To register a company, customers need to consult an attorney, and lodge proper compiled documentation. Once successfully registered, customers need to collect a copy of the registration documents. Assuming everything is submitted correctly, name reservation will take approximately 3 working days.

Every person interacting with CIPRO, whether as an individual or as a user of bulk services will be registered on the CIPRO Computer System as a customer. During this process, a pre-paid account will be established for the customer.This process will assist CIPRO in minimising the data captured on individual forms (as the person will now in future only use the customer code) and CIPRO is also able to fax, e-mail and SMS results, news or updates to the CIPRO customer group created on the database.

The customer should, after registration, use the customer code on all future transactions including deposits to effect payment, lodgements and requests for disclosure of information. It would therefore fast track future interaction with CIPRO.

If a customer submits an application without a customer code, the transaction will be rejected. If an application contains the customer code, but upon receiving the application, no funds are in the account, the application will also be rejected.

Registration takes place once only for every customer.

During Customer Registration, the following credentials must be furnished:
  • Full Name
  • Physical address and postal code
  • Postal Address and area code
  • For a natural person, RSA ID number, passport number, date of birth or a foreign country’s equivalent of an ID number.
  • For a body corporate, Registration Number: This could include Company Registration Number, Close Corporation Registration Number, Trust Number, etc. These registration numbers may be local or foreign. If the body corporate does not have a registration number, one of the natural persons associated to the body corporate must register as a natural person.
  • Password (This is required to gain access to the CIPRO Website).
  • Telephone area code and number
  • Fax area code and number
  • E-mail address
  • Docex address where applicable
  • Cell phone number

The above information will be used to forward additional information to customers or even approved applications/certificates.

Please note that CIPRO will maintain confidentiality and will not make this information available to anyone.

Contact Information
If you have any queries, contact CIPRO at :
Fax to: 0866 747 848
Mail to: P.O. Box 429, Pretoria, 0001
Phone the Customer Contact Centre at: 0861 843 384

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