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by Cape Gateway
21 Feb 2007
Cape Gateway
Cape Gateway

Speeding is regarded as a factor in nearly one-third of all fatal crashes. It's thus essential that drivers adhere to speed limits.

What are the Speed Limits in South Africa?

General speed limits are as follows:

* 60 km/h on a public road within an urban area
* 100 km/h on public road outside an urban area which is not a freeway; and
* 120 km/h on every freeway.

Certain types of vehicles are required to adhere to speed limits lower than the general speed limit, for example:

* Goods vehicles with a GVM of more than 9t must drive at less than 80 km/h
* Certain tractors and trailers or combination vehicles may also not exceed speed limits of 35 km/h and 15 km/h based on their braking capabilities.
* Certain vehicles (minibuses, buses and goods vehicles) must stick to the speed limits imposed on tyres.

Road traffic signs can also set speed limits that may be lower or higher than the general speed limits.

Why is speeding dangerous?

Speeding is dangerous because:

* The faster you are driving, the harder you will hit any obstacles (other vehicles, pedestrians etc).
* The effectiveness of safety devices such as air bags and safety belts is severely compromised at high speed.
* It is more difficult to avoid an accident if you are driving at high speed.
* High speed places greater strain on tyres and brakes which increases the risk of failure. This in turn increases the chance of an accident.
* It is more difficult to drive at high speed. The driver has a reduced visual field and restricted peripheral vision.

You can find more information on speeding on the Arrive Alive website.

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