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Types of Abuse

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Types of Abuse

by Cape Gateway
05 Mar 2007
Cape Gateway
Cape Gateway

An article from the Cape Gateway website that lists in different types of abuse and how they can occur. This was part of the 16 days of Activism against the abuse of Women and Children Campaign

There are five types of abuse, namely:

1. Physical abuse includes direct physical attacks such as:
  • Being punched, slapped, kicked, beaten
  • Sustaining internal injuries
  • Being assaulted with objects, guns or knives
  • Being pushed around

2. Sexual abuse:
  • Rape
  • Forcing the woman into sexual acts with which she is uncomfortable
  • Constant accusations of sexual infidelity
  • Constant verbal abuse, which focuses on sexual slurs e.g. slut, whore
  • Forcing a woman to watch pornography and act out pornographic material
  • Forcing a woman to have sexual intercourse with friends or colleagues

3. Economic abuse
  • Preventing a woman from getting or keeping a job
  • Forcing her to hand over her salary
  • Making her ask for money
  • Forcing the woman to sign for debts or loans
  • Gambling all the household money
  • Employing her without paying her a salary
  • Deliberate damage to property or possessions
  • Not letting her know or have access to family income

4. Emotional abuse & verbal abuse
  • Constant verbal abuse
  • Degrading her publicly and privately
  • Restricting her involvement with persons outside the home
  • Being jealous and possessive, so she is afraid to talk to anyone
  • Projecting all his problems to her or blaming her for his own inadequacies
  • Having constant affairs outside the home
  • Using threats of violence to ensure that the is under his control
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Making her feel bad about herself or guilty all the time

5. Isolation
  • Being locked up in the home
  • Preventing or making it difficult for you to see friends or relatives
  • Monitoring phone calls and telling you where you can and can't go

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