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Driving and Drowsiness

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Driving and Drowsiness

by Cape Gateway
23 Feb 2007
Cape Gateway
Cape Gateway

Driver tiredness causes more than 20% of motorway accidents and tiredness-related accidents are three times more likely to result in serious injury or death compared to other types of road accidents because when the driver falls asleep they do not brake or attempt to avoid the accident.

Always make sure that you sleep well before undertaking a long drive.

1. If you are feeling tired STOP DRIVING.
2. Park somewhere safe - don't park on the shoulder of the road. If you're on the highway, take the next exit and find somewhere safe to park, or stop at the next motorway service area.
3. If necessary call someone to let them know you may be late.
4. Have a couple of cups of strong coffee.
5. Have a 15-20 minute nap.


* Fresh air and loud music will not keep you awake - these strategies will improve your alertness briefly, but within minutes you return to the same level of tiredness.
* Determination won't stop you from falling asleep.
* Microsleeps are uncontrollable and inevitable (if you are tired, your body will take microsleeps that can last up to 30 seconds).
* When you are tired, you think that you are more alert than you actually are.

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