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Becoming a Peace Worker

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Becoming a Peace Worker

by Cape Gateway
30 Jan 2007
Cape Gateway
Cape Gateway

Peace workers patrol the community and are available to help with any unarmed conflict situation. Other services provided include going to mass events, such as funerals, which may become violent.

Peace workers serve their communities for a year. Any person between the ages of 18 and 35, who is unemployed, has reached Grade 10 or higher and who does not have a criminal record can apply to become a peace worker. Peace workers are trained through the Peace and Development Project of the Department of Community Safety, funded by the German government. Peace workers do NOT get paid. However, as a peace worker, you will get: food parcels per shift on duty; transport to and from pick-up points for shifts; an advanced life skills course; an advanced community peace workers' course; a first aid course; and bridging courses in Business English, Computers, Mathematics and Career Guidance.

To apply to become a peace worker, you must first make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be between 18 and 35 years old.

  • You can be male or female.

  • You must live in the community you wish to serve.

  • You must be unemployed.

  • You must not have a criminal record, unless it was related to political activity before 1994.

  • You must have a valid identity document.

  • You must have a commitment to bringing peace and development to your community.
  • You must have a good reputation in the community.

If you meet these requirements, it does not mean you will automatically qualify to become a peace worker. You will first have to go to an interview, where you will have to show that you want to help combat crime through active community volunteer work. You must show you have the drive and motivation to brighten your own future. If you "pass" the interview, then you can become a peace worker.

To arrange an interview, contact the Peace and Development Project:

Mr LM Ngwatyu

Project Co-ordinator

Peace and Development Project

Tel: 021 386 3896/80

Fax: 021 386 3981

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