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Lansdowne Road

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How to get to Lansdowne Road in Lansdowne

Lansdowne Road is one of the major roads in the Lansdowne area and runs perpendicular to the M5 Freeway from Claremont (where it joins with Palmyra Road) to Macassar (where it joins Macassar Road). It runs through Lansdowne, Wetton, Hanover Park, Manenberg, Philippi and Khayelitsha, but its path is broken when it crosses the Cape Flats Railwayline.

Coming along the M5 Freeway from Muizenberg towards Milnerton, take the Doncaster Road turnoff (Kenilworth) and turn towards the right (East).

Continue on Doncaster Road, it runs into Racecourse Road and then into Turfhall Road.

To get to the Western part of Lansdowne Road, turn left into Prince Arthur Street and continue till you reach Lansdowne Road.

To get to the Eastern part of Lansdowne Road, continue on Racecourse until you cross a bridge over the Railway Line, turn left at the traffic lights and left again at the next intersection. You\'ll still be in Turhall Road.

Turn left a third time and go under the bridge. When you exit the bridge Lansdowne Road continues to the left.

These directions were kindly contributed by: Selwyn

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