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It's so hard to say goodbye

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It's so hard to say goodbye

by Unity Klazen
09 May 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

Last week I sadly was not able to write a column as I was ill and going through a really troublesome or rather decision-making stage in my life.

In my last column I told you that I had difficulty making decisions and after much deliberation I have made them. In the past week alone I have reached two milestones.

One, I moved out of my mother's house, and into a life of adulthood. Two, I was offered a new job, which I will take up as of the first of next month so sadly, this is goodbye.

I am really emotional writing this column.

Last week, I was unable to tell you about my great new adventures and how I got to making these decisions. I must say I had a couple of sleepless nights thinking about what I was to do, but in the end, I am entirely satisfied with my decisions.

Well, like I said, this week sadly is my last column, I was told a couple of hours ago. So in true bowing out fashion, I would like to thank all who made my stay here at People's Post so warm. It feels like just yesterday that I joined the team and with the same nervousness of writing my first column, I am writing my last.

I have met so many wonderful and inspiring people along the way. People in the streets who could tell me the ins and outs of my life and asking me what my next column would be about.

I really think that the community I have worked in for the past few months, has changed my perception of life as I know it. I think I am more humble and appreciative of things. I've seen homes burnt to the ground, families dealing with losses of loved ones and children who despite having no real toys, being happy.

I am really going to miss this, even though sometimes it was really daunting having to write a column because I didn't know where I would begin and where it would end. Sadly, today I say goodbye to my People's Post Lansdowne readers and leave you in the capable hands of a new reporter.

Before you think I will be gone completely, I will still be around in the neighbourhood to come and bid my farewells to those who have so dearly touched my life and those who I regularly visited just to catch up and have a laugh with.

This feels so final to me but not too worry, even though I will no longer be with People's Post as of the end of the month, I will still be writing and still be trying to make a difference. This has been a passion of mine since before I could remember and giving it up is no option.

So before I soak my keyboard with tears and mess up what I am about to write to you, let me bid my final farewell - as your local reporter that is. Goodbye, God bless and thank you to all who have opened your doors and hearts to me. Thank you for sharing your innermost feelings and emotions that was often difficult to express. Again, I thank you...

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