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Remembering sisters with breast cancer

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Remembering sisters with breast cancer

by Nurene Jassiem
03 Oct 2006
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

October is breast cancer awareness month and I think this is one of those things we as women should learn to speak out about more. My first meeting with this dreaded disease was when I was at high school. and a group of us were sitting under the trees during PhysEd class having girl talk. As is the case with girls that age (we were about 15) training bras were a hot topic.

As we giggled and chirped on I don't think anything could've prepared us for the revelation one of our classmates was about to make.

She was one of the more quiet girls and we coaxed her into answering us. Eventually she admitted that she had to have both her breasts removed because of breast cancer.

At first we didn't know how to react and eventually some polite girl changed the topic. Thinking back I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do or not.

Sometimes I wonder if we had known before we asked her, would we have pretended to know what she was going through, and would it have made matters worse?

Imagine having to change your entire wardrobe to accommodate a body-part that's no longer there? Or pretending to smile when women complain that their breasts are too small?

Since that day I've come across many more breast cancer survivors and I've gained much respect for women who pick themselves up after being diagnosed and move on with their new lifestyles.

But I guess the strong ones make it look like a piece of cake and as the poet in the following poem would say: that's easy for me to say!

Easy for you to say by Kathy King, a breast cancer survivor

You have breast cancer! Heh, easy for you to say! You don't have to see the way they look at you With pity in their eyes and feel as if you've done something wrong, Your mind and body numbs hearing the words You look great!

Heh, easy for you to say! You don't feel the ice cold poison rushing through Your veins; the swells rising in your throat As you fight to keep them down Your face burns red as a poker and Your strength is no more. Your attitude is so positive!

Heh, easy for you to say! You don't cry uncontrollably for no reason at all, Your mood doesn't swing back and forth, Like a pendulum gaining momentum and never slowing down Sometimes feeling like a drowning swimmer, Struggling against the tides, Trying with all your might to keep your head above the surface.

You're a survivor! Heh, easy for you to say! You don't think about its return, Every moment of everyday, Wondering when and if it will cause More nightmares that will be hell to live through. Imagining that new ache or pain is the real thing and Feeling powerless again.

I'm just glad it didn't happen to me; friends murmur; Heh, easy for you to say!

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