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Teens stabbed at city carnival

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Teens stabbed at city carnival

by Toyah Lord
17 Jan 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

One teenager was killed and two were seriously injured after they were stabbed when one of them urinated between two cars at the minstrel march in Cape Town on Saturday, 6 January.

A man who was pushing a pram alongside his girlfriend pulled a knife out of the pram and started stabbing the youngsters. This followed an argument which broke out between a stall keeper and two teens, one of whom urinated between the cars, says Captain Andre Traut, communication officer of the Cape Town Central SAPS.

"It is believed that one of the cars belonged to the stall lady, who had asked the boy why he was urinating there," he says.

According to witnesses, the friend apologised to the woman but a fight broke out between the woman and the teen who had urinated.

Apparently the woman told him, "We are not scared of you and you will see what my sons will do to you.""

Traut says three men from the stall next to the woman's came to her assistance, as well as a man who was pushing a pram.

"The man who was pushing the pram suddenly pulled out a knife and started stabbing the two teens," he says.

One was stabbed three times in the back and once in the face and the other was stabbed in the arm, shoulder and back. They ran out into the parade and three of their friends tried to help them.

"The man followed them and stabbed one of the friends in the back.

"The blade went straight through the youth's lung and into his heart, leaving a 20cm wound," Traut says.

The girlfriend of the boy who was stabbed in the heart ran after the injured teens, who had by that stage collapsed to the ground.

"He died in her arms," says Traut.

According to eye witnesses, the man who was pushing the pram wrapped the bloody knife in a blanket and put it back into the pram.

The remaining friend of the three boys who had been stabbed confronted the man and asked him why he had done what he did.

Traut says the man then pulled the knife out again and tried to stab the fourth boy, but he missed and only managed to puncture his skin. The boy then ran away.

Security officers arrived shortly afterwards and called the police, who arrived at 19:30, half an hour after the incident occurred, and the boys were rushed to Somerset Hospital. Traut says the two boys are alive and are in a stable condition. The funeral service for the boy who died on the scene was held on Saturday.

Police have arrested a woman, a 25-year-old man, and a 40-year-old man believed to be his father-in-law. They have been charged with murder and attempted murder.

The three suspects have made a court appearance. The men were released on R1,000 bail each, and the woman on R500. The case has been postponed until March.

There are still suspects on the run, adds Traut, but video footage has been obtained and has been sent for analysis. Numerous witnesses have come forward and given statements.

Traut says witnesses have described the suspects at large and identikits will be drawn up and released in the near future.

"According to witnesses and surveillance footage, the case looks positive," says he.

He adds that the public who witnessed the incident are very aggrieved about what happened, and the family of the deceased would like to thank all the people who phoned, and who helped them while on the parade during the incident.

People's Post tried to contact the organisers of the march to enquire about safety measures taken on the day but was told by Debbie Bird, event coordinator of the Kaapse Klopse carnival, that they had packed up and left at 18:00, an hour before the incident occurred.

She believed, however, that an unauthorised march had taken place thereafter by Athlone troupes from the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival Association.

People's Post contacted Kevin Momberg, chairperson of the Association, who said they were not marching in that area on that day, but were stationed in Green Point, with records to prove their accountability. He, however, believed that the Kaapse Klopse were present and marching at that time.

Anyone with information that can help with the case can phone Detective Wayne Hare on (021)467-6336 or 083-740-0269.

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