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Consumers can opt for different electricity tariffs

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Consumers can opt for different electricity tariffs

by BuaNews Online
15 Jul 2008
BuaNews Online
BuaNews Online

The City of Cape Town has introduced four pricing categories for domestic electricity consumers to encourage energy saving.

As from July 2008 the metropole's average electricity increase will amount to 35.9 percent to include the 27.5 percent Eskom increase.

This 27.5 percent increase will be recovered from all municipalities over nine months instead of 12 months and thus amounts to an increase of just below 36 percent.

In rounded numbers, the increase for domestic users will range from seven cents to 17 cents per unit. One unit equals one kilowatt hour.

For low income earners who buy up to 400 units per month, this amounts to seven cents per unit.

They will also receive 50 units of free electricity on top of this.

According to Don Early of Cape Town's Electricity Services there are four price categories for domestic consumers.

There is a high consumption rate for those using over 800 units per month, a rate for those consuming between 400 and 800 units monthly, a rate for those using less than 400 units a month, and a fourth tariff for consumers who use a three phase power supply.

"Most Capetonians use single phase electricity and will thus fall within the first of the three categories.

"Electricity users who register for the high consumption tariff and three phase electricity will pay a service fee ranging from R2.50 to R3.77 per day.

"The low consumption users do not pay a service charge, but the unit price is slightly higher than that of the high consumption category," Mr Early said.

Residents can choose to register for either the high or low category at any time of the year, but they need to remain on the selected tariff for at least one year.

"The city introduced the option of a tariff without a service charge to assist low income earning residents, allowing them to pay a minimal fee for the low levels of electricity they consume.

"Consumers who usually buy over 800 units per month are however welcome to request the low consumption tariff if they find the high consumption tariff to be inconvenient," Mr Early said. - BuaNews

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