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Ex-dated, overrated and understated!

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Ex-dated, overrated and understated!

by Toyah Lord
15 Aug 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

Why is it that exes always, at some point or another, think they can come running back to you?

Is it their over-inflated egos that lead them to believe that just because they had you once, they could have you again? Is it purely about the chase - or lack thereof - in their life? Is it sheer boredom and/or laziness to actually go out and find someone new?

Is it maybe that they have realised they were a fool to have ever let you go in the first place? Or is it complete stupidity for whichever reason is most fitting?

I think it is the latter, but then again, what I do know?

I'll tell you, when it comes to understanding the twisted world of romance, even in the most fleeting of moments, it's anyone's guess.

But I do know that as time moves on, so should we. The clock only moves forward, after all, and not backward.

I also know that when two people decide to part ways for whatever reason, it is normally stamped with merit. And I certainly believe given half the chance (sometimes not even) men, in all their glory, will always try their luck.

This weekend was proof of that for me. You see, at this point I, as well as quite a number of people I know, seem to have an ex (or more) knocking at the door. Is there something in the air?

Anyway, after being invited by one of my more charming of former flames to join him for a drink, a friend and I decided to rise to the occasion. I casually agreed and, dressed for success, we made our way to the pub. What can I say? I was thirsty - and a girl has the right to show a guy what he's missing. As the night progressed, I went with it. No expectations, no desires. Just enjoying the night for what it was worth.

Without getting into all the gory details, let's just say by the end of the evening the stud that this guy thinks he is thought that not only could he have me, but my friend too. Boy, was he wrong! All he ended up with was a long, lonely drive home alone, with the smell of our perfume lingering in the air.

In retrospect I'm not sorry that I met up with this guy again, because it just reinforced what I have always known yet needed to be reminded of: The ten cardinal rules of life, as I like to think of them.
  1. Guys will come and go, but friends are for life.
  2. A woman should never change even the most insignificant of detail of herself just to please a man, because we are unique for that very reason.
  3. Always follow your intuition - it is never wrong.
  4. As women it is our prerogative to change our minds.
  5. If you can't be happy on your own, you will never be happy as a couple.
  6. Never put others down to make yourself feel better, because you will only end up feeling worse.
  7. When the world silently speaks to you, take note, for it guides you on your way.
  8. This is an important one: An ex is an ex for a reason.
  9. Have fun and be happy for no-one except yourself.
  10. Last, but certainly not least: Smile, because you are you.
As it is Women's Month I find it only appropriate to raise this toast to all women: To the fools who have lost you, the suckers who will never get the chance to meet you, and to the lucky buggers who will end up with you, cheers!

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