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Soccer rejects bids for new LFAs

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Soccer rejects bids for new LFAs

by Brian Gaffney
06 Jun 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

The Safa-Cape Town has decided against increasing its total of 19 affiliates which has effectively given the boot to recent applications from the Greater Athlone LFA and the Cape District FA to change the status quo.

Les Julies, the chairperson of the Safa-CT, yesterday confirmed the stance adopted by his executive council.

"We have merely enforced the guidelines of our constitution that prescribes that the Safa-CT should comprise of 19 LFAs.

Julies said that the number of LFA's belonging to the Safa-CT has been endorsed by the SA Football Association in Johannesburg last year.

While Greater Athlone LFA's request to divide into four LFAs, namely Athlone, Manenberg, Rygate and Heideveld was turned down, the Cape District FA's bid to become an independent LFA was also rejected at an executive council meeting held last week.

In the light of this development, the Safa-CT subsequently cancelled a general council meeting that was scheduled for Sunday, 2 June, where the applications to establish additional LFA's were to be considered.

The Greater Athlone LFA contended that the four associations under its control would find it better to operate in their own areas.

They said that clubs were experiencing difficulties in travelling between the various venues and that interest in the game was on the decline.

Their argument made little impression on the Safa-CT executive council.

And neither did the Cape District FA's receive any sympathy as they attempted to play one of their cards to hopefully stay in the soccer mainstream.

The CDFA, amid concerns from some of its clubs, has also opted to become a business associate of the Greater Athlone LFA.

The 77-year-old Wynberg-based CDFA has steadfastly refused to become part of the Greater Wynberg LFA, which is currently run by the former Southern Suburbs FA (Grassy Park).

CDFA claims that the GWLFA was established without their support.

Winston Engledoe, the chairperson of the CDFA, said that his district was scrutinising the Safa-CT decision not to grant them LFA status.

He said the CDFA matter will be discussed at a CDFA council meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, 6 June.

Engeldoe re-affirmed that the CDFA would operate as an associate of Greater Athlone LFA and continue to play at the William Herbert sportsfield in Wynberg.

Engledoe declined to comment when asked what steps the CDFA would take if the Safa-CT insisted that the CDFA clubs taking part in the Safa-CT Super League and Champions League competitions should play all their home matches at venues under the control of Athlone District.

He was also non-commital when told that some clubs in the Greater Athlone District are reluctant to make way for CDFA clubs in lucrative competitions like the Red Heart Rum Challenge Cup. "That's the business and concerns that the Greater Athlone District needs to address... and not us (CDFA)."

Sponsorship for the Red Heart Rum championship could increase to R450 000 in 2007. The winner stands to receive R100 000 in prize money.

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