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Athlone takes a stand on crime

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Athlone takes a stand on crime

by Nurene Jassiem
14 Feb 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

Young and old gathered at the Alicedale Sports Field to participate in an anti-crime sports day on Sunday, 11 February, held in honour of the late Andrew Erasmus.

Erasmus, who died last year, was an ardent soccer fan who made concerted efforts to keep the youth of Athlone involved in sport and away from drugs.

Erasmus, along with community worker Neville Harris, held the first sports day in 2002.

Despite a chilly wind and intermittent rain, the day proved to have something for everyone, with entertainment provided by the QTL Brass Band, the Staff Independent Christmas Band and drum-majorettes.

The highlight of the sports day each year is the annual invitational soccer tournament, which this year boasted an entry of six senior and four junior teams.

Speaking at the official opening, Dennis Erasmus, the late Andrew's brother, said, "He may have passed on but he is not part of our past - he is a part of our future. This can be seen in the number of young people who are involved in this anti-crime initiative here today."

After the bands had marched from Thornton Road to the sports field, Musthapha Murudker, councillor for Ward 48, commended the organisers for their efforts to stand up against crime.

"This is the kind of community spirit that we need in our communities.

"God is not asleep and we will get our country back to being the peaceful community that it once was if people like you continue to work with our youth," he said.

"We as a community need to take the mantle and help those people who are helpless.

"If you say that your neighbour is your brother or that your neighbour is your sister, then it doesn't matter who you lend a helping hand to," he added.

Erasmus' wife, Dolores, and sons, Ashley and Gary Erasmus, were presented with a plaque in memory of their late husband and father.

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