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'Tikked off' at Mr President

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'Tikked off' at Mr President

by Esther Lewis
01 Aug 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

What is tik, Mr President? Well, it's only the single most destructive thing to hit Cape Town in a long time. And at R5 a pop, it's increasing its reach.

It's a drug capable of getting the smartest and most obedient children in its grip. Like HIV/Aids, it doesn't discriminate. Poor and rich people get addicted. Young and old people are addicted. Perhaps you'll know it by its scientific name: Crystal Methamphetamine.

Still not too sure what we're dealing with on a daily basis because of this drug, Mr President?

Let me fill you in: It turns children and parents into paranoid criminals. Children steal packets of sugar and even tubes of toothpaste from the cupboards at home to sell. Parents don't pay their children's school fees or even buy them food. All this so they can use the money to get their drug.

Children are selling their bodies in exchange for this drug, Mr President. Mothers, fathers, and older brothers are their pimps.

You and your government once spoke of moral regeneration. Well, tik is causing moral degeneration.

Our city is in the grip of a serious crisis. Continued use of this drug is causing people to lose their minds. Their bodies and teeth are rotting away. They are picking their skin from their bones because they think there are spiders crawling beneath.

But why am I telling you all of this, Mr President?

Surely you ought to know when a province is in the amount of trouble we're in?

Surely you must have seen a few of the headlines here?

Surely, if you're so busy saving the rest of the world, your advisors must have informed you about the desperate situation in which we find ourselves?

Now I'm almost certain you'll be able to tell us what the social and political climate in Thailand is. I read the headlines this morning and I know you are clued up on Zimbabwe. You are all for uniting the African continent. I cannot fault you on your vast knowledge about issues affecting the world.

But what about us, Mr President?

You are supposed to be the father of this nation... a nation including the Western Cape. Do you realise, Mr President, how with that one simple question you asked, you invalidated the continued struggle thousands of families go through daily? Do you know how callous that was? Do you even care?

How can you lead a nation you're clueless about? How can you lead a nation you have no social connection with? How can you lead a nation when you don't even know its people are dying and their lives are being destroyed daily? Why have I written this column dedicated to you, Mr President?

I wrote it in the strange hope that you see this, and perhaps gain a better understanding of your own people.

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