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Rylands area's safety discussed

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Rylands area's safety discussed

by Nurene Jassiem
18 Oct 2006
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

The need to find tangible solutions to crime and close down shebeens in Rylands and surrounding areas was discussed at the Dullah Omar Centre this past weekend.

Speaking to the police at the meeting, Musthapha Murudker, the Ward Councillor for Ward 48, said: "We know your commitment is great, but unfortunately the problem we face is greater than that commitment. We need results".

Director Anand Pillay, Station Commander at the Athlone Police, said the police were looking at establishing a joint crime forum for the Gatesville/Rylands area, similar to the one in the Athlone CBD.

"We are looking at formalising the car guard industry. What we have found is that crimes such as motor vehicle theft and theft out of motor vehicles occur at the same place all the time and often the same car guards are on patrol at these hot-spots," Pillay says.

He added that the police were currently working on special operations to identify "chop-shops" where stolen vehicles or vehicle-parts were being kept. The division of police detectives into specialised groups was also highlighted.

"Each of our groups have a group commander and therefore detectives now have better insight into crimes such as robbery and theft than before," Pillay says.

In response to concerns raised about police corruption, Pillay said: "I can't take responsibility for every police officer at my police station but I will try my best to ensure that we have honest; dedicated and committed police serving the community".

Referring to an earlier incident where two policemen were arrested, ("Athlone cops arrested", People's Post, 26 September), Pillay added that no form of corruption or illegal activity by police would be tolerated.

With regard to sector policing, Pillay says that although only two of the Athlone Policing Sectors are operational at the moment, plans are under way to look at further divisions.

The Athlone Police, in partnership with Murudker, are in the process of compiling a book with important information and safety tips which will be released shortly.

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