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Local train stations to be upgraded for 2010 Soccer World Cup

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Local train stations to be upgraded for 2010 Soccer World Cup

by Staff Reporter
18 Jul 2007
The Athlone Website
The Athlone Website

Athlone, Langa and Heideveld stations are due to be upgraded in the City's preparation for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

The City of Cape Town intends to use rail as a priority transport during the 2010 World Cup by setting up "park and ride" facilities on land near existing stations.

Besides the addition and refurbishment of rail coaches, several stations including Athlone, Langa and Heideveld Stations are set to be upgraded before 2010.

According to the City's Director of Transport, Maddie Mazaza, eight stations along the Northern and Southern lines were identified for an upgrade but the priority falls on the Cape Flats Railway line, which runs from Cape Town to Retreat through the Athlone area.

Mazaza also stressed the importance of the support which would be needed from a good Road-based public transport network.

With the development of the Klipfontein Corridor, Athlone is set to become an important link between the two modes of transport.

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