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Postcards from the edge

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Postcards from the edge

by Laverne de Vries
12 Sep 2006
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

I have always been an avid reader - some people say this may be due to the fact that my mother ate newspapers when she was pregnant with me. Strange, but true.

Which might explain why I read anything I can lay my hands on - be it newspapers, books and magazines. While reading the O magazine the other day, I came upon an interesting feature in which five women write letters to younger versions of themselves. So naturally, I started thinking about what I would tell a younger version of myself...

Dear Lavern (aged 20) Although this may seem hard to believe at times, life is a beautiful rollercoaster. It will take you to the heights of happiness and the depths of despair but only if you allow it to.

Remember that you are the captain of your ship and the navigator of your destiny. So chart your course and enjoy the natural ebb and flow of the tides.

Emotions are not supposed to be controlled. You cannot control falling in love and being hurt. In fact, the two are somewhat interlinked. Whatever causes you pleasure might cause you pain and whatever causes you pain surely must have caused you pleasure.

However contradictory this may seem, you will crave stability and the free spirited individual you are might view this as routine. There is a difference and a very fine line between the two but you will (eventually) settle into it comfortably.

Try to remember, and this may be hard, that you don't always have to rebel and fight against the dying of the light at dawn. Sometimes, it's good enough to just kick off you shoes and watch the sun rise.

What others refer to as your quarter life crisis, is actually your coming of age. You will settle into it and realise that you're too mature to deal with self-inflicted drama. And you realise that your biggest fears materialise but the fear is only as big as you make it.

You may not believe it but dancing alone in a club is priceless! So is being okay with who you are when you're alone.

There is no one defining moment in life. Just as there is no point of certainty, no black and white only. There are grey areas and various life experiences will shape you into the person you want to be.

You are not responsible for other people's actions and choices. Guilt is a crippling emotion. Remember that you can't fix everything or save everyone. Sometimes, love is enough.

Be grateful for all your blessings. Your profession will allow you to witness all sorts of hardships in life. But try not to let the despondency overwhelm you. Instead, use it to fuel your passion to making a difference. After all, what is life without hope?

Smoke less. Smile more. Be kind. Dance!

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