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Householders warned to be vigilant about visits from bogus city officials

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Householders warned to be vigilant about visits from bogus city officials

by City of Cape Town
18 Mar 2008
City of Cape Town
City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town is concerned about a recent report of criminals posing as City Electricity Services workers to gain access to a home. What lulls potential victims into a false sense of security is the fact that the criminals often wear clothing carrying City insignia.

Bona fide City employees will telephone before visiting premises in the course of their duties and are expected to display prominently their City identity cards. They will always have with them documents on City of Cape Town letterheads relating to the specific address they are visiting.

Householders are perfectly at liberty to deny access even to people carrying these credentials until such time as they have been able to verify their identity by phoning the relevant municipal department.

Charles Cooper, the City's media spokesperson, says that unless householders have previously contacted the City about water or electricity problems, the chances of an unannounced visit by City workers are non-existent and should be an immediate cause for suspicion.

If a householder has complained, they would have been supplied with a reference number which the official would quote upon arrival.


NO. 93/2008
18 MARCH 2008

TEL: 021 400 3719

TEL: 021 400 3719
CELL: 084 628 8618

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