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A new dawn has come

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A new dawn has come

by Laverne de Vries
17 Jan 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

A MERE week has passed since I've been back at work and I am already longing for holiday hours spent lazing about with absolutely nothing to do.

Yet here I am, on my first deadline of the new year, with absolutely nothing to write instead!

It's amazing how things change, yet stay the same... like how I never seem to be able to write this column yet end up not being able to stop.

Or how this time of the year is littered with people in dire financial straights (yep, I'm almost broke) and how everyone starts making all sorts of new year's resolutions.

What fascinates me most is that the masses who make these empty promises are convinced (well at least for one day) that they will lose weight this year, become better people, have better control over their finances or do whatever else they feel is lacking in their lives or personalities.

Clearly, I'm not a fan of this tradition. I suppose that a new year symbolises the closure of an old year with all its problems, as well as growth and new beginnings - ingredients which are all conducive to change.

But in my humble opinion, I don't understand why people have to wait for that one day, that one moment, to make a change. The tragic beauty of life is that there is no point of certainty.

Instead there are only opportunities and possibilities. Which come around every day and not every year.

My belief in this has been somewhat cemented by a rocky start to the new year. Although the holidays were fantastic and filled with quality time with loved ones, parties that never ended and lounging around in the sun with good books, I did receive some bad news.

Two of my friends confided in me that they have life-threatening illnesses.

I'm not in a position to disclose their medical conditions but I can tell you that I've known them for some time and both of them are very near and dear to me. They are the kind of friends you can rely on when you have a burst tyre, or depend on to listen to your woes. Or just sit with and appreciate a beautiful summer sunset. Know what I mean?

And so I got to thinking about life, death and new beginnings and came to the frightening realisation that life is fragile. There are no guarantees of tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Today and this moment is really all we have.

Follow the wise example of Indian philosopher Mahatma Ghandi - "Every night when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning , when I wake up, I am reborn. We must be the change we want to see in the world."

So instead of waiting for that one day to realise your dreams, rather forgive that person who hurt you, say sorry to someone you hurt, right a wrong, make the world a better place, become a better mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister, lover - do it now. Seize today to become the sum of your possibilities.

That said, happy new year to all readers. Or as I'd like to see it, happy new dawn!

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