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State closes against Staggie

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State closes against Staggie

by Staff Reporter
04 Sep 2007
The Athlone Website
The Athlone Website

The State has closed its case in the murder trial of former Hard Livings gang boss Rashied Staggie after calling only one witness. Staggie is on trial for the murder of Mogamat Ryklief, who was the son of one of the men that gang members identified as being responsible for the murder of Rashaad Staggie.

Staggie's advocate, Koos Louw, told Cape High Court judge Neil Erasmus that he was surprised by the brevity of the State's case. He asked for a postponement to consider the future of the case.

Donovan Richards, who has already been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for his role in the murder was the only witness that the State called to testify. Richards gave his testimony whilst wearing a bullet-proof jacket and under protection from heavily armed correctional services guards.

Richards testified that Staggie identified a person who was involved in Rashaad Staggie's killing, and that person "must go down".

Richards also stated that he was a member of the group who followed Ryklief's father to the Heideveld terminus but could not shoot him as there were too many people around. They later came across Mogamat Ryklief and gunned him down.

Staggie is currently serving time for other offences relating to firearms and rape.

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