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Eid Mubarak everyone!

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Eid Mubarak everyone!

by Nurene Jassiem
25 Oct 2006
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

By now you've probably noticed that the sombre hungry faces of the Muslim children in your street have been replaced by energetic youngsters running from house to house with chocolate streaked faces.

Your grumpy next door neighbour is back to his old friendly self and tonight chances are you won't get that savoury smell that's been lingering in your neighbourhood these past few weeks.

That's because Ramadaan has come and gone and Muslims are celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr. Now, being the cosmopolitan community that we are, I'm sure most of you know all about Eid or Labarang as it is known to Capetonians.

It's a day of celebration and festivities when you put on your best outfit and your mother cooks enough food to feed a small army.

But before the fancy cakes come onto the tables and children put on their fancy clothes a much more sombre thing happens as Muslims bid farewell to the blessed month of fasting.

It's hard to explain the mixed emotion that runs through your veins when the month of Ramadaan comes to an end. Some of you may remember about a month ago I mentioned that it is believed that during this month the gates of heaven are open and the doors of hell are closed.

During Ramadaan Muslims increase their recitation of the Quran and strive toward spiritual upliftment.

As you stand up at night for the Almighty prayers its almost as if you can feel the mercy of the Almighty descend upon you.

And so, when this month ends it's almost like waving goodbye to a loved one at the airport.

You're never sure if you've made the most of your time together and you don't know if you will ever see each other again.

You cry tears of joy because you're thankful that you had this time together, and a lump develops in your throat just thinking about the possibility that you may never see another Ramadaan.

By the time this column is read Ramadaan will be a distant memory for some, while others may still linger in the richness it has brought. Tummies will be filled with sweetmeats and food and hopefully somewhere a little orphan's day was made special by a generous person.

To all my Muslim readers I say: Eid Mubarak, may your day be filled with joy and happiness and may you continue with the good habits you have acquired over the past month.

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