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Tender topic

by Tammy Petersen
12 Mar 2008
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

A SPAT may be looming between Green Point Stadium construction contractor Murray and Roberts and marketing company Tractor Outdoor for the advertising rights of 'the largest single advertising opportunity in the country'.

Construction and engineering company Murray and Roberts is acting on behalf of the City of Cape Town in allocating advertising rights for the Green Point Stadium.

Last year the company advertised for tenders to sell advertising space on the temporary fence enclosing the construction site, called hoarding.

The city's 2010 spokesperson, Pieter Cronje, says the hoarding is only a temporary measure and will be available for the duration of construction.

A total of 13 applications were received, but the company earmarked to receive the contract later withdrew.

According to Silvana Dantu, director of the city's Green Point Visitors Centre (GPVC), Murray and Roberts and GPVC are now trying to sell the advertising space themselves.

She further says the money made from the advertising will go towards sustaining and maintaining the GPVC.

But marketing company Tractor Outdoor sent a press release on Thursday, 6 March, claiming to have been awarded exclusive marketing rights for all commercial signage for Green Point Stadium during its construction.

It further claims to be responsible for the management and marketing of the advertising opportunities on the hoarding of the stadium. Simon Wall from Tractor Outdoor says the available 1 200 m2 will be advertised within the week.

"People are already aware of the plans for the site and the response has been astounding," he says.

When questioned about Tractor Outdoor being "awarded the contract", Wall said the proposed advertisements, which will "add colour and vibrancy to the Green Point Common", will be discussed with the city before approval and erection.

Wall refused to divulge how much profit the company was hoping to make from the project, which he described as "the largest single advertising opportunity in the country".

"This is, without a doubt, one of the largest and most prominent locations available to advertisers in Cape Town and an ideal opportunity for any brand - not only FIFA sponsors - to align themselves with this landmark opportunity."

But Dantu says, "Tractor Outdoor has not been appointed by Murray and Roberts or the city. It has no permission or right to sell advertising".

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