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Banish your laws and back off, Murphy!

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Banish your laws and back off, Murphy!

by Toyah Lord
08 Aug 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

IF this weekend has taught me anything it is that sometimes you just have to stand back and laugh at life.

Because if you don't, Murphy's Law in its grandest form just might get the better of you.

Let me start from the top: For weeks now (okay, actually months), my friend has been hell bent on winning a trip to Mauritius - so much so that she has entered the competition over 30 times.

Convinced the trip had her name on it, we planned our whole weekend around the lucky draw which was to take place on Saturday at 12:00 at Tygervalley Mall.

Determined to party this weekend and trying to work around the fact that she had to be present at the draw in order to win, a colleague and I made our way to Durbanville on Friday evening with a quarter tank of fuel in the car (ambitious, I know).

The plan was to party in Edward Street and stay at my friend's house so that we could take her to the draw the following day.

So, we put on our smart clothes along with the nine inch heels and arrived in Edward Street to begin our night out. Turns out though the crowd was not quite our scene, so a couple of hours later we decided to ditch Edward Street in the hope of finding a more happening scene.

The problem was by this time we had half of a quarter tank of fuel left and as the Gods would have it, no petrol station in the whole of Durbanville had any petrol left. So, our only option was to take the party home.

The next morning, bright-eyed and not so cheery, we got up, got dressed and made it our mission to get to Tygervalley Mall before the start of the draw.

We walked out of the house, opened the boot of my car, threw the stuff in and BAM! I suddenly realised I had locked the keys in my car.

What are the chances? Apparently quite good if your name is Toyah Lord as this, I'm ashamed to say, is the second time I have been this bright.

Normally the first thing I would do is call my brother to bail me out, but with the petrol shortage he too could not venture far and could only offer the advice of a locksmith as well as including to pay for it (bless him).

And so, after attempting every other option including almost breaking my windscreen, I called the locksmith. And R180 later, with the quickest slide of a metal sheet down the side of my window, and the car was open. But not in time for the draw, of course.

Well I guess as they say, some things are just not meant to be. As for Murphy, who are you and what do you want? Don't get me wrong, I am all for being a law-abiding citizen, but this is one law I can surely do without.

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