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Losing my religion

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Losing my religion

by Laverne de Vries
20 Sep 2006
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

Last Thursday my aunt, cousin and I went on what Oprah would call, an "intervention".

From what I gather from Miss Winfrey, an intervention is when you interfere with someone's life, normally to stop them from making a big mistake.

In our case, we intervened to stop my 19-year-old cousin from getting married and changing her faith after dating her boyfriend of less than six months.

The situation has caused some distress within her immediate family as she left home with her two-year-old daughter, moved in with the boyfriend (without his parents' knowledge) and one month later, makes an announcement that she will be tying the knot. (Around her neck, if you ask me.)

The general feeling in the family is that she will lose her faith, including the central Christian belief that Jesus is the son of God and He was resurrected for our sins.

I, on the other hand, view things a bit differently. Call me stupid (which, after this column, many of you probably will be doing), but I sincerely believe that God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Jah, is all the same. And although the ideologies are different, the basic principle is the same: believe in a Superior Being (whatever you choose to call Him or Her) and love your neighbour.

So while I completely disagree with my cousin's decision to get married, it is based purely on the fact that she is too young.

Despite having a daughter, or perhaps because of it, she hasn't lived yet - there are so many things she is yet to experience.

But, if after spending two years with this guy, experiencing life together and she still wants to marry him, go ahead. But why the need to change your religion?

Relationships by their very nature, are already difficult to maintain. After meeting someone you like, you have to adjust to their personalities, character flaws, habits, beliefs and ideas, but why do you need to embrace it?

Furthermore (and this is the feminist in me speaking), why does the woman have to adapt - even when it comes to different denominations of the same faith?

Yes, marriage is a union but does that mean you have to wipe out the other person's individuality? And your spiritual beliefs, along with other things such as your favourite colour, is what makes you an individual.

In today's day and age, inter-cultural and inter-racial marriages are accepted and I think we should move to accepting inter-faith marriages as well.

And if you happen to have children, why not show them both ways and allow them to choose - this would go to rearing broad-minded individuals (who do not believe that one faith is better than another or that their faith is right) - something the world could do with!

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