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Adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow

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Adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow

by Nurene Jassiem
17 Apr 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

If you thought that, judging by the headline, my column this week would be about Shakespeare unfortunately you are wrong.

Since just under a month ago, I have had monologues with myself as I debated when and how to break the news of my departure from People's Post to my readers.

Initially I thought I would wait until my last column to "tell it as it is" but, judging by the reactions I've been getting from my peeps in the community thus far, I feel it is only fair that I make my announcement this week.

This year Freedom Day (27 April) will have special meaning for me as I move out of my parent's house and drive to the Friendly City (or is it the Windy City?) - Port Elizabeth.

So yes, dear readers, the rumours are true and I am leaving People's Post to work for Die Burger Oos-Kaap, as of 1 May.

The decision was not an easy one to make. Community news has always been my passion but, in the end, I felt it necessary for me to grab this opportunity to grow as a journalist and as a young woman with both hands.

This is my third-last column for People's Post and so it is not good-bye just yet.

I have learned a few valuable life lessons since I found out that I would be moving, and have come to realise the implications of hoarding and sentimentality.

Books, letters from school friends, old clothes with holes and patches, empty cans from cooldrinks bought on special occasions and even sand and stones from some of the places I've visited are but a few of the hundreds of items I've had to sort through over the past few weeks.

I have just about managed to arrange my life's assets into three categories: keep, give away and throw away - the latter being the hardest to select. After all, how do I say goodbye to the bubble-gum wrapper from my first date and the T-shirt I've grown attached to over the past decade or so?

Be that as it may, I have managed to fill an entire black bag of things to throw away. I cannot imagine someone else being able to use my yellow Vanilla Ice T-shirt with holes in it or my Pepe jeans with their dozens of tears and tattered ends.

Before I leave I'll say good-bye to you properly in my last column, but for now I still have two more deadlines to meet and loads of packing to do.

On that note, I leave you with the following quote from Arnold Bennett, the true meaning of which I have learnt over the past few weeks.

He said, "Any change, even for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts."

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