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Petersen case: Cape High Court hears about marriage woes

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Petersen case: Cape High Court hears about marriage woes

by Staff Reporter
06 May 2008
The Athlone Website
The Athlone Website

Taliep Petersen's daughter as well as his sister have told the Cape High Court about details relating to the alleged stabbing he received from his wife, Najwa Petersen, and also about his plans to divorce her.

Jawaahier Petersen, one of Taliep's daughters testified yesterday about an incident that occurred in mid-April 2006 during which Najwa allegedly stabbed Taliep. According to Jawaahier, they were both covered in blood - and though she could not see where Taliep was injured, he had been holding some dishcloths to his neck which quickly became soaked in blood. She then called an ambulance and they were taken to the Gatesville Medical Centre.

Later, Taliep's sister and confidante, Taghmeeda Johnson told the court that he intended to divorce Najwa and that he feared for his life.

Though the magistrate allowed Johnson's hearsay evidence in the interests of justice, he said that the weight of the testimony would be decided on at a later date.

Taliep Petersen died in December 2006 of a single bullet wound to the neck. The State has accused Najwa Petersen of hiring hitmen, Abdoer Raasiet Emjedi, Waheed Hassen and Jefferson Snyders to carry out the assassination.

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