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Arrests in gang war

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Arrests in gang war

by Esther Lewis
21 Nov 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

MANENBERG is still tense after gang murders, attempted murders and several arrests in the space of a week.

"Marky Mokes" Williams was shot twice in the head on Friday, 2 November.

Williams was apparently a high ranking member of the Americans gang in Manenberg and police sources say his death was the reason for the murder of five people in Woodstock last Monday morning.

"If one head rolls on this side, another five must roll on the other side to make up for the loss," said a police source.

Unlike previous gang wars, however, sources say this one is internal. The police source said in accordance with the Numbers' "code of conduct", this type of in-fighting is unheard of.

It is believed that two factions of the Americans gang are at war over drug turf as well as power and control. Hours after Marky Mokes was shot, his girlfriend, Jacqueline Hector, and his brother, Joseph, were allegedly shot at in her car.

Hector laid a charge of attempted murder and Nathan McGreggor was arrested. Police said he is also a member of the Americans.

"But now everything is being twisted around," said Alfreda Williams, Marky Mokes's sister. Alfreda said she can't understand why McGreggor was now bringing in charges of attempted murder.

"Joseph was at home all week, because he is still traumatised. He and the rest of our family are still mourning Marky. There's no truth in these attempted murder charges," said Alfreda.

McGreggor apparently grew up with the Williamses and they were all friends. This, said Alfreda, was why she couldn't understand what was going on.

She said Joseph was asked to go to the police station to make a statement. "When he got there, they arrested him. The same happened with Jacqueline. It's so unfair," Alfreda said.

The pair appeared in the Athlone Magistrate's Court yesterday. Police say McGreggor was at the Manenberg Police Station on Thursday and Friday because he feared for his life.

Meanwhile, Mogammat Farouk was arrested in connection with Marky Mokes's murder last week. Another suspect was arrested at his funeral on Thursday in connection with the Woodstock murders.

Five people were executed in the early hours of last Monday morning. Seven armed men apparently stormed a taxi transport and repair workshop in Albert Road and gunned down four men and a woman who lived on the premises.

After the multiple murders, the suspects torched two taxis before fleeing.

The workshop is believed to be owned by Sadaka Madatt, also a high ranking member of the Americans.

Police have also connected the murder of Gesant "Charra" Naidoo to the recent spate of murders. Naidoo was murdered in Crawford on Wednesday, 31 October. Naidoo was a former member of the Bokkies, a faction of the Americans, based in Hanover Park.

Naidoo, who lived in Woodstock, ran a mechanical workshop. No arrests have been made for his murder.

While the atmosphere is tense in Manenberg, more police manpower has been deployed to the area to keep a lid on the situation.

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