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Death in Sea Point cell

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Death in Sea Point cell

by Tauriq Hassen
19 Feb 2008
The Peoples Post
The Peoples Post

A HOMELESS man, originally from Hanover Park, tried to make money on the streets of Cape Town by showing cars where to park. Instead, he was arrested for this "illegal" act - sent to jail, and killed the next day by a fellow detainee in the Sea Point Police Station's holding cells.

On the morning of Tuesday, 12 February at about 08:15, Sea Point police officers came across a fight between two men in the cells.

Angus Afrikaaner (26) apparently had his hands around the neck of Roger Johnson (36). Police members managed to tear the men apart, but Johnson had fallen into a coma. Paramedics were called to the scene, but could not save Johnson.

"They (the officers) heard the commotion when they were on their rounds collecting prisoners for court," says provincial police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Billy Jones.

Jones says Sea Point police officers carry out hourly patrolling shifts, but reported that nothing untoward was noticed on the night shift.

"The shift commander is in charge of the hourly shift patrol and nothing was reported during the night," says Inspector Beheki Xulu, spokesperson for the Sea Point Police Station.

Police remove items such as shoelaces, belts and tracksuit tops to minimise danger of these being used in fights or suicide attempts.

Afrikaaner had been arrested for riotous behaviour in public, while Jonhson was spending the night in jail for contravening the Road Traffic Act.

He had been assisting cars parking in the Sea Point area.

"We informed his family in Hanover Park about his death as soon as we verified his identity and the family's whereabouts," says Jones.

Afrikaaner was subsequently arrested on a charge of murder and was due to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Wednesday, 13 February. However, the court case was postponed to the following day. He appeared briefly, but the case was once again postponed to a later date.

"He had a slight problem and could not appear in court, but sooner or later he will appear," says Jones. Johnson would have appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Wednesday, 13 February.

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