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City making good progress on Rates Objections

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City making good progress on Rates Objections

by City of Cape Town
25 Jul 2007
City of Cape Town
City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town's Valuation Department has received 37000 objections to the valuations of the 735000 rateable properties in Cape Town - an objection rate of approximately 5%.

The objection process is already well under way and, by the end of June this year, 8 000 objections had already been resolved by the municipal valuer. Letters advising objectors of decisions already taken will be posted to them shortly.

For those properties where the objections have not been dealt with, the Director: Valuations, Chris Gavor, says the next step in the objection process will be that each of the objectors will receive a personal visit from a valuer. The valuer will make prior arrangements with the property owner or tenant to set a date and time for the visit.

"We have acknowledged each of the objections received by 30 April 2007 and we hope to have the majority resolved by the end of December this year", Gavor said. "We are putting all our resources into this process and have brought valuers in from the private sector to help us expedite matters."

Objectors can contact the City's call centre on 086 010 3089 for more details or visit its website at to check the identity of their valuer or of the data collector visiting the property. Click on Property Valuations on the left of the webpage and then on "Identify your valuer" which displays a photograph and the Valuation Field Identity (VFI) number for the more than 180 people on the valuation team. This will enable them to acquaint themselves with the identity of their valuer or data collector prior to the visit.

Gavor stressed that, in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act (Act No 6 of 2004), objectors are required to pay the rates levied in terms of their valuations in the new valuation roll. The lodging of an objection does not defer liability for payment of rates.

When owners are officially advised of the outcome of their objection, they will be entitled to appeal the decision of the municipal valuer on the official appeal form and all such appeals will be heard by the Valuation Appeal Board. The valuation roll will be adjusted accordingly based on the decision of the Appeal Board.

Should an owner's appeal be upheld or the value adjusted by an amount determined by the municipal valuer, the owner would be entitled to a concomitant adjustment to the rates account effective from 1 July 2007.

The Valuation Appeal Board will be established by the MEC for Local Government in August 2007.


Question 1: What do I do if I want to object to the value of my property but the prescribed period has passed?

Answer 1: The period for the submission of objections closed on 30 April 2007. The decision to condone a late objection will be at the discretion of the municipal valuer who will require a verifiable explanation as to why the objection is late.

Question 2: I agree to the market value of my property as at 2 July 2006, but I cannot afford the amount of rates levied. Are there any payment options for property owners who want to pay, but cannot?

Answer 2: Anyone experiencing difficulty in paying rates on the assessed value can write to the Director: Revenue, P.O. Box 655, Cape Town 8000 to make arrangements for a repayment plan.

Question 3: How do I ensure that my postal address for my sectional title unit is correct so as to ensure receipt of my municipal account?

Answer 3: Contact the City's call centre on 0860 103 089 to confirm / update postal details. In addition, an address change request form can be filled in at any of the enquiry counters at the Revenue Contact Centres.

Question 4: My property has not been valued. When will my property be valued by Council?

Answer 4: The property details should be referred to the municipal valuer in order to process valuation. All properties omitted from the General Valuation 2006 will be processed in a supplementary valuation.


NO. 270/2007
24 JULY 2007

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