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The little girl who never grew up

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The little girl who never grew up

by Nurene Jassiem
20 Sep 2006
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

We live in a fast-paced world driven by deadlines, meetings, work, work oh and did I mention: work?

Ever noticed how the weeks and months fly by between appointments and meetings and before you know it the shopping centres are putting up Christmas trimmings and Ramadaan Mubarak messages are on display in the Malls.

But how often do we remember to slow-down and enjoy the ride of our life's journey?

This past weekend amid other stories some of my colleagues and I entered a boat-race race in Simon's Town dressed as pirates and got soaked in the process.

The night before my mother helped me choose an outfit- which was completely home-grown I'm proud to say.

I felt like I was back at school enjoying the thrill of being care-free.

Rummaging through old scarves and choosing a pair of pants three sizes too big for me so I could look the part, I felt like I was playing dress-up again.

After choosing my outfit I had a dual with an imaginary pirate using my plastic sword (insane I know but it was so fun!).

It reminded me of the times a high school friend and I would go to a nearby park and swing high in the air screaming whoa!

We were about 17 at the time and got some weird glances from passers-by but it never bothered us and we enjoyed living in the moment.

And so Saturday felt exhilarating, paddling around the bay and getting soaked by a speedboat which was docked-off nearby.

And then as I went to change back into my "normal clothes" I passed a little girl and her mother which made me wish we could all be like Peter Pan and never grow up.

So walking past, drenched in my pirate costume with black make-up streaking down the side of my face, this little girl asks her mom "Mummy, do pirates look like that forever".

Alas! The joys of childhood innocence!

Though some may say the girl is naive and others think its silly to believe in the tooth fairy I sometimes wish life could be that simple again.

So to all the eternal youths out there I say think happy thoughts and you'll fly!

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