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Athlone City Improvement District Established

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Athlone City Improvement District Established

by City of Cape Town
31 May 2007
City of Cape Town
City of Cape Town

The Cape Town City Council at its meeting of 30 May 2007 approved the formation of a City Improvement District in Athlone (ATHCID). In so doing, it once again committed itself to public-private partnerships. The concept encourages business owners to create a clean and healthy working environment and to improve safety and security.

Councillor Simon Grindrod, the Mayco member for Economic, Social Development and Tourism said: "This will serve as a catalyst to attract further regeneration investment from the private sector. It is a great example of how public-private partnerships can work and it will stimulate job creation in Athlone and surrounding areas".

Mansoor Mohamed, the City's Executive Director for Economic, Social Development and Tourism, said: "ATHCID is the fifteenth CID to be established in the city. Collectively, they have an annual budget of more than R50 million which is collected by the City and paid to the respective CID Management Boards. This funds their activities in accordance with their business plans. It is an excellent example of how symbiotic partnerships should be implemented and active participation by business owners will enhance their investments".

The founding of the ATHCID is the culmination of a two year process by the Steering Committee led by Sumaya Taliep and the City's Economic Development Department, under Runan Rossouw. Rossouw said: "Many business areas like the Athlone CBD have been moderately successful. To remain successful they must position themselves in a rapidly changing city environment and the global economy. The CID concept allows business and industry owners to realise their full potential by creating a well managed business environment".

Taliep, a well known businesswoman and deputy president of the Cape Town Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry said: "The ATHCID's short term focus is branding, marketing and investment promotion. The informal trading sector will be further developed to become well managed and to restore good governance that will allow for the further creation of jobs. ATHCID will focus on cleaning up the tarnished crime and grime image.

The ATHCID's long term focus will be to improve the image of Athlone CBD in line with the City's strategic objectives of creating local economic development opportunities and to position itself to take advantage of business opportunities that will become available from initiatives like the 2010 World Cup."


NO. 187/2007
31 MAY 2007

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