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Everyones a protester these days

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Everyones a protester these days

by Esther Lewis
23 Aug 2007
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

So the Metro Police want more money, do they? And they have now also jumped on the protest bandwagon. Last week brought to mind the teacher's strike. Just a few months ago, teachers demanded what they thought they were worth and brought school-goers to their knees.

All this because they're unhappy with their conditions of employment. Well, stand in line! I can't say for certain many - or even any-? employees are absolutely satisfied with their jobs.

The only difference is that nice people don't inconvenience others because of it. I generally don't mind teachers or metro cops, but the past few weeks have made me rethink my view of them.

First we had the poor underpaid yet overworked teachers. I would never be able to go into that profession. I can't handle two eight-year-olds for 15 minutes, let alone 40 to 50 of them for six hours straight. So I admire committed teachers.

But now, long after the strike dust has settled, long after unions reached favourable agreements for teachers, the true victims are suffering.

Teachers, I understand you needed more money. But what say you now when more than half of your class has failed and is probably set for more failure at the end of the year? Ask yourself this question while enjoying that extra bag of muffins you can now afford because of your wage increase: Was it really worth it?

At a certain school, I'm told by a reader, of the 75 matriculants just 12 managed to pass their June exams. Well, just barely, anyway. Now, do you still think you deserve that increase?

Then there were the metro cops, displaying the most blatant act of selfishness last week. Yes, you are unhappy, but why on earth would you bring the entire city to a halt?

Many people who may have had sympathy for your cause - including me - have lost all respect for those who took part.

Granted, I wasn't stuck in the gridlock that day, but I felt the pain of drivers and commuters alike. All they wanted to do was get to work and get on with their day.

Because lets face it, metro cops, in the bigger scheme of things the very people you blocked off that day had absolutely nothing to do with your grievances. And it was greatly unfair that you held up their morning to suit your needs.

I suppose you thought you were flexing your mighty muscles. Well, all you did was demonstrate how much you have in common with the lawless thugs you're supposed to be acting against.

Everyone has the right to protest. But next time, look at a more effective means of making your point, rather than going the destructive route. You'll certainly get more people behind you supporting your cause.

And another thing: You chose your low-paying profession, not the general public. So stop taking it out on us!

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