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City supports more Granny Flats in Athlone and Rondebosch

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City supports more Granny Flats in Athlone and Rondebosch

by City of Cape Town
19 Jun 2007
City of Cape Town
City of Cape Town

The building of granny flats and the subdivision of residential plots are part of the proposals endorsed by the City of Cape Town in its new land use policies for Belgravia Road and Kromboom Road.

At its meeting on 5 June 2007, the Planning & Environment Portfolio Committee approved a land use management policy for Belgravia Road in Athlone, as well as another for Kromboom Road in Athlone, Rondebosch and Rondebosch East.

"In recent years there has been significant pressure for the conversion of residential properties to non-residential uses along both roads. The absence of any integrated policies made it difficult for the City's Department of Planning and Building Development Management to assess land use applications in the area," says Councillor Brian Watkyns, Committee Chairman.

In 2005, planning consultants were appointed to prepare two separate land use management policies that were compatible with the City's broader spatial frameworks.

"After conducting two separate public participation processes, the City has now produced an equitable policy framework that provides a fine balance between the concerns of residents as well as the growing needs of small enterprises," says Cllr Watkyns.

According to the City, 220 individual properties abut onto Belgravia Road which runs through Athlone, Gleemoor, Belgravia, Belthorn Estate and Penlyn Estate.

The road is a major public transport route, with two-way traffic volumes ranging between 500 to 1 300 vehicles per hour.

"The policy for Belgravia Road generally encourages the development of home industries as well as housing densification in the form of second dwellings (granny flats) and subdivision of residential plots," says Cllr Watkyns.

More business development is recommended in some sections between Klipfontein and Turfhall Roads; as well as a mix of flats and commercial development in the section between Klipfontein Road and Voel Road on the eastern side of Belgravia Road. On the western side of Belgravia Road, from Klipfontein to St Mauri Roads, the rezoning of erven for doctors' rooms and residential units is encouraged, while no further rezoning or consent uses from St Mauri and Voel Roads to Turfhall Road is advised, except in three small nodes.

A similar land use policy supporting residential densification and home industries is recommended for Kromboom Road. From Milner to Belgravia Road, this predominantly residential street is lined on both sides by 144 properties.

With two-way traffic volumes ranging from 1 200 to 1 600 vehicles per hour, Kromboom feeds traffic from Claremont, Rondebosch, Rondebosch East, Crawford, Athlone and Belgravia onto Kromboom Parkway (M5).

The new land use policy discourages further 'business creep' between Belgravia and Milner Roads, recommending that existing commercial and business centres be contained between the railway line and Jan Smuts Drive.

The conversion of residential stock to business or commercial uses could have a negative cumulative impact on established business areas in Klipfontein, Lansdowne and Belgravia Roads.

Between Kromboom Parkway and the railway line, a medical service related character has been established. It would appear that half of the non-residential uses along this section may be operating without authorisation.

The area between Milner Road, Kromboom Parkway and the railway line, is under constant pressure for land use change, but no further rezoning or consent uses is recommended.

Between Fifth and Third Avenue, rezoning for medical institutions is advised; and between the railway line and Jan Smuts Drive, rezoning to enable blocks of flats, residential buildings and medical practices is supported.

However from Jan Smuts Drive to Belgravia Road, no further rezoning or consent uses should be granted. Also, the expansion of non-residential uses into valuable residential housing stock along Rockeby Road is also not considered acceptable.


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