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City adopts Gated Development Policy

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City adopts Gated Development Policy

by Martin Pollack
11 Dec 2007
City of Cape Town
City of Cape Town

The City’s Planning & Environment Portfolio Committee has adopted the new Gated Development Policy, which will be implemented from 1 February 2008. A “gated” development refers to a physical area or development that is walled or fenced off from its surroundings and where general public access is monitored, controlled, restricted or prevented in any way, often by means of gates or booms at a specific point.

Requests for such gated areas are usually received either in the form of an application for new development, or applications to retrospectively close portions of existing public roads and areas.

In terms of the policy, the status of existing gated developments (which had been legally approved) will not be affected by the new policy, on condition that they comply with their original conditions of approval. Only proposals and applications involving gated community components received from February 2008 will be measured against the new guidelines.

The Planning & Building Development Management Department has reminded residents that the purpose of the policy is to set land-use management guidelines for gated development proposals, not necessarily to address or resolve all safety and security problems experienced by communities.

“The policy’s main aim is to protect the integrity of the city’s infrastructure and access-way networks,’ says Gideon Brand, a senior town planner in the Planning & Building Development Management Department. “It therefore attempts to achieve a balance between the need to promote an integrated and open city while still enabling communities to address local safety and security concerns.

“In addition to promoting possible alternative options to gating, the policy also suggests mitigation measures where such proposals are supported.”

Development applications or applications for retrospective closure of public land will therefore be assessed in accordance with the criteria and guidelines set in the policy. To download/view the complete policy,(PDF, 610kb), go to

Alternatively, copies of the policy may be requested from Gideon Brand in the Planning & Building Development Management Department on 021 400 1802

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