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Frequently asked questions regarding Property Valuations

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Frequently asked questions regarding Property Valuations

by City of Cape Town
25 Jul 2007
City of Cape Town
City of Cape Town

An extract from a press release by the City of Cape Town regarding the Valuation of Residential Properties contains some frequently asked questions, and their answers.

Question 1: What do I do if I want to object to the value of my property but the prescribed period has passed?

Answer 1: The period for the submission of objections closed on 30 April 2007. The decision to condone a late objection will be at the discretion of the municipal valuer who will require a verifiable explanation as to why the objection is late.

Question 2: I agree to the market value of my property as at 2 July 2006, but I cannot afford the amount of rates levied. Are there any payment options for property owners who want to pay, but cannot?

Answer 2: Anyone experiencing difficulty in paying rates on the assessed value can write to:
The Director: Revenue
P.O. Box 655
Cape Town

to make arrangements for a repayment plan.

Question 3: How do I ensure that my postal address for my sectional title unit is correct so as to ensure receipt of my municipal account?

Answer 3: Contact the City's call centre on 0860 103 089 to confirm / update postal details. In addition, an address change request form can be filled in at any of the enquiry counters at the Revenue Contact Centres.

Question 4: My property has not been valued. When will my property be valued by Council?

Answer 4: The property details should be referred to the municipal valuer in order to process valuation. All properties omitted from the General Valuation 2006 will be processed in a supplementary valuation.

An extract from:

NO. 270/2007
24 JULY 2007

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