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Valuation objections: City appeals for patience

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Valuation objections: City appeals for patience

by City of Cape Town
06 Dec 2007
City of Cape Town
City of Cape Town

Some time has elapsed since the objection process commenced and naturally some owners and objectors may be concerned that they have yet to be contacted by the City valuers about resolving their objections. We want to give everyone the assurance that we are committed to resolving each objection as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the resolution of objections is proving to be more time consuming than anticipated. Every objector needs to be contacted and every property inspected.

We are dealing with the objections systematically, suburb by suburb, which means that some owners will be visited in the near future while others might experience a delay. To lessen such delays, 13 external valuation firms have been contracted to speed up the process.

The City appeals to owners to be patient and not to demand that objections be reviewed outside the allocated schedule as this requires ad hoc assessments which slow the process down.

The City anticipates that the resolution process will take more time during the festive season and requests the understanding and cooperation of owners to accommodate the scheduling and rescheduling of appointments.

To date, of the 37 000 objections lodged, 21 000 properties have been re-inspected. Of the 21 000, 15 000 have been reviewed by professional valuers. Of the 15 000, 12 000 have already had their billing records adjusted to reflect the objection decision.

Objectors still have to pay the rates due while objections are being addressed. In cases where the increase in rates has caused financial hardship, the City will endeavour to assist property owners by allowing the payment of rates based on the valuation suggested by the objector until the objection is resolved.

The valuation office is committed to resolving the majority of objections by 30 June 2008.


NO. 486/2007
03 DECEMBER 2007

TEL: 021 400 2201

TEL: 021 400 1345
CELL: 082 899 3308

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