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The Athlone Website RSS Feeds are located at:

We suggest you set your reader to check the file on a weekly basis.

Keep up to date with the latest changes on the Athlone Website via our RSS Feed.

RSS (which stands for either "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication" - depending on who you ask) provides updates from a website in a simple form for your computer. By using a program called an aggregator, you can automatically monitor these RSS files for changes and be notified when updates occur. With RSS you will automatically receive a short message, similar to an email, each time something new appears in the RSS file.

To set up RSS, simply download and install one of the many RSS aggregators available on the web. Then use the program's setup instructions to download the Athlone RSS files, located at,,, or
Note: We do not offer support for any RSS Aggregator programs. Contact the program's help file for that.

The Advantages of RSS
For website users, like yourself, using the RSS feed is a great way to save time. You no longer have to manually sift through an entire website to check for updated information - this is sent to you in a short description.
For website owners, RSS makes it easy for new content to be seen and published.
For everyone, spammers cannot send spam messages through an RSS feed unless they manage to hack into the website. So for most of the time, the only person who can communicate to you via an RSS feed is the person who makes the update.

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A few RSS Readers

Sharpreader - Windows
NetNewsWire - MacOS
Straw - Linux
Bloglines - Web-based
AmphetaDesk - Web-based
FeedDemon - Windows
Feedreader - Windows
Newsgator - Windows
rss2email - Unix
Google Reader - Web-based
Newzcrawler - Windows
LiFeRea - Linux
RSSBandit - Windows

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